VC and Dev Firms

OnPath Testing has strategic partnerships with venture capital firms, development shops, incubators, and other groups looking to bring rigorous test practices to their clients and projects. What better way to ensure your software release is solid and stable than to have a qualified professional review the app beforehand?

Our engineers are happy to help in a number of ways:

  • Give a talk to the client team around QA best practices, including tools, methodologies, and more
  • Mentor CEOs and CTOs regarding how to include QA in a lean and fast-paced development environment
  • Review existing tools in use or under consideration for the most optimal customization to meet your needs
  • Provide targeted test engineering assistance to reach short term or ongoing release goals

The bottom line is, you’ve invested heavily in your clients and seeing your projects succeed, and we are committed to helping you reach this goal. Give us a call and let’s discuss the best way we can be of assistance.

Curious how our process can work for you?
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