The OnPath Difference

What makes OnPath Testing different can be summed up in our vision statement:

“Software that just works.”

We’ve all been frustrated by software that crashes, freezes, loses data, and simply doesn’t do what was advertised or expected. What if our digital world was one of software simply working? Applications that did what the owners imagined, and what the developers coded? We are dedicated to achieving this vision, for each one of our clients, one application at a time.

How we do this? Through our commitment to our value:

  • Proven Process is the bedrock of our services from every individual role, to the communication channels, down to the operations workflow, everyone across team understands what’s expected and how to do it.
  • Superlative Communication that is clear and consistent communications both internally amongst the OnPath team and externally with clients and other engineers.
  • Excellent Execution from everyone, engineers and internal folks alike, using all the necessary tools for each roles. Everyone contributes to our success!

Each and every project that employs OnPath testers is overseen by a QA Manager. This QA professional is fully adept at defining each and every element to be tested, and makes sure your application is launched with the fewest possible bugs.

Our testers are technically proficient – they understand how applications are developed and how they should work – so they know what to look for.  When they find bugs, they can speak to your development team with a clear understanding of what is happening and what  is causing the bug.

Our logging and reporting documentation is clear and direct, which saves developers’ time with a thorough description of what is happening and exactly where. Using OnPath, developers can go straight to the code and understand it themselves without having to replicate what the tester has already uncovered.

STEP-BY-STEP:    how to build a thorough and methodical test plan, and execute against it
The most essential step in QA Testing + where many startups slip up.