QA Audit

A Quality Assurance Audit is an excellent opportunity to uncover gaps in your testing process, from the start of requirements analysis through test planning and into production and post-release. If bugs are slipping into production or your process seems less efficient than is necessary, let us help you uncover the issues and make some recommendations!

Some of the specific items we examine include:

  • How is the development lifecycle performed from start to end? Are there any gaps in the workflow or communications?
  • What kind of quality tools are in place? Are these tools customized effectively to match the dev and QA process?
  • What sort of test plans are created, and at what point are they each executed?
  • Are the test cases created with sufficient detail? How is coverage tracked?
  • What details are captured in the defect tool? What is the fix/re-test workflow ?
  • What metrics are being reported on and are the right folks being notified?
  • How are the different environments (dev/ test/ prod) setup and how is the code migrated to each?

The right testing solutions and methodologies will save you money, and having a QA Audit is an excellent way to get you back on the path to top testing efficiency and high quality releases!