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Brian Borg, Founder


Brian started his career in IT performing various roles including hardware technician, technical trainer, and web developer until an opportunity in Quality Assurance was offered to him in the late 90’s. The breadth of both technical and process-oriented skills immediately attracted him to this part of the software life-cycle, and with his penchant for detail he immediately excelled in the role of QA Engineer. Over the course of his career he’s enjoyed leading the test efforts for diverse projects from Java/ XML client-server applications to .Net rich web applications to large-scale Unix deployments, in both US and international locations. When not leading teams to find the next ever-elusive bug, you’ll find Brian enjoying his dual backyards of the Colorado Rockies and the Indian Himalayas.
Photo credit: Gavin Koh

The Team

onpath_teamThe OnPath Testing team is comprised of Quality Assurance professionals from around the world, from independent contractors working out of their homes to engineers working with selected partners in global tech hubs. We are a varied group of professionals with skills ranging from the standard software functional testing and test team management to specialized technical knowledge in automation, performance, mobile, and more. Our engineers have worked in every major industry from apparel and automotive to eCommerce and eLearning to telecom and wireless. We range in experience from junior to senior and lead roles and we’re eagerly waiting to engage your project and help bring your application to full testing success.



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